What is Fluidix?

Fluidix is a flexible CUDA-based parallel particle simulation library which can be used to create practically ANY particle-based model in high performance using the GPU. A development environment combines ease of compiling, running, and learning to allow you to build both large and small-scale simulations quickly, with only a working knowledge of C programming required.

Download Fluidix 1.0.5

What makes Fluidix special?

It is unique in that it combines high performance with complete application independence, through the use of custom interaction functions, optimized general search algorithms and an easy to use programming interface. Fluidix supports over 30 million particles and dynamic, deformable triangle-based meshes with millions of faces, and complete control over your simulation process.

How do I use Fluidix?

There are two ways to use Fluidix. Most users will work within the Fluidix IDE, a lightweight user interface which integrates a code editor, documentation, compiling, running, and visualization of your simulation into one cohesive experience. By starting with example code or a tutorial, you can jump right into writing the core equations and be developing for your application in minutes.

If you are interested in using Fluidix as a library, you can include the Fluidix header directly into any CUDA program or build your own special purpose DLL using Fluidix as low-level simulation engine.


Fluidix at GPU Tech Conference 2014

Who develops Fluidix?

OneZero Software is a small group of engineers in New Brunswick, Canada. Fluidix is the product of a 10+ year commitment to provide high-performance simulation capability in a form that is useful, practical, and accessible. We recognize that it is often very difficult for researchers and developers to take full advantage of the latest and greatest algorithms and technology, and that the ability to model large and complex systems easily and quickly is the key to both quantity and quality of research.

We aim to address this need by providing a common simulation platform that brings researchers and developers across many fields together. By keeping Fluidix at the cutting edge of performance while demonstrating and broadening its functionality over time, we hope to see Fluidix grow to become the go-to particle simulation platform for any application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to discuss how Fluidix can apply to your project, and we offer consulting services for any research and development involving Fluidix.